If you like gospel music....

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....especially gospel with an Appalachian or bluegrass tinge to it, you simply must listen to this album by Dr. Ralph Stanley and his Clinch Mountain Boys:


Dr. Stanley is 78, and his voice shows it. But in the spare arrangements used on this album, that is a plus, not a minus. He attended the Primitive Baptist Church as a child, and that background shows in some of the songs. My personal favorites are The Old Church Yard and Palms of Victory.

But if you can listen all the way through This Little Light of Mine without tapping your toes or singing along, I'd be dumbfounded. McKid and I sang it through TWICE on our errand running trip yesterday.

This one's a keeper.


I LOVE Dr. Ralph, ever since I saw Oh Brother Where Art Thou and started looking up similar music online. Wonderful stuff. So distinct!



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