MMT Day #5

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No traveling on Day #5, so instead of a map, you get this picture:


It was coldish and rainy on Thursday. They saw a bunch of small geysers, some sulphur springs and the Upper Falls. Here's a picture of the Upper Falls:


Zteen said he didn't think that his pictures would be very good. "Mom, everything is SO BIG!"

Because it was raining, they actually stayed in a motel Thursday night. Probably a good night's sleep for a change!


In light of the recent lost child in Utah and knowing that many your friends have young children, I wanted to direct you to a post on my blog. I have taught this class called Lost in the Woods for all ages of children, probably close to 1000+ at this point. The ideas in my post might be something you want to talk about with your friends and if you are interested in doing a little course with the kiddos, I can send you better info on how I teach the course. I have had several searches for lost children and thank God the outcome was good. But, I feel with a little preparation more lost children could be prevented. Thanks and God bless! The post is on my blog under Miracles still happen... Kitty



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