the smocktwins: Davis & Donovan

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to get an idea of how wee our newest wee ones are, those are 0-3 month outfits that they're swimming in. the beautiful crochet blankie is one of the two made especially for the boys by mamaT.

thank y'all for all of your well wishes and prayers. every challenge we faced at the hospital was prayed over and blessed by God. being only 35 weeks at birth, by the grace of God, they were both able to come home with me at only three days of age. this pregnancy, birth and recovery all have been a miracle from the get-go. Deo gratias!


They are just so adorable!!!

Congratulations. :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They really are so sweet. Hope you are doing well, and getting some rest. Congratulations!

Congratulations!! They are beautiful little boys!!

Oh. My. Goodness. They are so sweet!! Can I come over and smooch them? And, ACK! Can you believe they were in your belly?? ;)

Ohhhh they are sooo CUTE.

They sure look a lot alike.

Hurrah! Have been suppressing the urge for the last week to leave comments on your blog demanding a post with pictures! Congratulations again to the smock family. Yet another random blogger is praying for you!

Deo gratias indeed!

Beautiful! Could they be any cuter? :)

Hey they're real cutie pies!!

Twins are so great! Being one of two, I can honestly say that! They will be their own best friends! Thanks for sharing a pic of these handsome little guys!

Ooohhh! So sweet! I want to nuzzle them. Bravo, Smock.

Sweet, sweet babies! I just want to HOLD those two little darlings-- Enjoy your time with them and rest up, Mommy!

Beautiful! May God bless them!

oh good heavens, those are sweet sweet boys! Congratulations again!

Congratulations! What cuties!

They are absolutely delicious! Thank you for posting the picture, it's nice to see the reality of the prayer.


Altho they are a little different in size...they sure look alike.
Are they identical?


Adorable and so tiny! What a miracle. Glad all are doing well. :-)

thank y'all and God bless you for your generous words and prayers.

are they identical? we don't know. we'll have to wait and see.

thanks again, we're blessed to have such wonderful and holy friends around saint blogs!

Smock they are beautiful!

My oldest was 4.2 and we took a picture of him by a 2 liter coke bottle to show how small he was. For the first year and a half I would take his picture by a 2 liter until finally I have one of him holding the bottle in his lap. It was so much fun because it was a great reference to see how tiny he really was.

What beautiful little ones. Congratulations! Looks like they've got the hang of things already!!! May God continue to bless all you Smocklings!

They're so adorable that I'm back for another peek. I can only imagine how precious they are in person!

(So calm and's been about 50 years since I slept that well! :) )

can you stand one more gushing comment? they are precious little pumpkins :)

love love LOVE bebes!!


When our oldest was born, we took him home at 3lbs 15 oz. To give the shot scale, we took his picture next to a 2 liter bottle.

I recommend this as a nice photo op, you can keep it going every birthday. We still need to get his 6 yo pic with him holding the root beer bottle.



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