The Wednesday Baby Update

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Just got off the phone with Micki. She is tired (and a little drugged) but otherwise is feeling pretty good. The boys are doing well. Donovan was a little "wet", and they monitored his breathing for awhile yesterday afternoon and evening, but all is OK now. They are doing some routine testing today--Davis was yelling in the background as they were trying to do his hearing check. That's my boy!

Micki and the boys will be in the hospital until at least Friday, maybe a day longer. I read her all your congratulations, and she said to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you for all your love, concern and prayers.

Mick thinks the babies look like dolls. Given that her smallest baby before them was her oldest son, who was 8 lbs+, these two look tiny to her. I say, just hold them together and see how much baby that is! The other kids are ecstatic. Daddy is proud. All is wonderful.


Hey they were actually smaller than MY babies. Finally!!! You know if Micki hadn't had twins, this wouldn't have ever happened. . . ;) I'm glad to hear they are all doing well.

Our dainty little Cate still looks like a babydoll at 10 months. She was an average 7# 13, but compared to her hoss of an older brother who was 9# 4 (my biggest), she just seems tiny.

I'm always amazed at how the next youngest sibling seems to grow a foot and gain 20 lbs after the birth of the new baby! :-)

Thanks for the update. I can hardly wait to see pictures of all these new blessings!



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