They are here! They are here!

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Davis Anthony Damian 5 lbs. 11 oz.
Donovan Charles Cosmas 5 lbs. 8 oz.
Micki is fine and all is well.
The babies went straight to the regular nursery--no special care necessary.

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They are here! They are here!

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great news!!!!!! from Fructus Ventris on June 7, 2005 9:07 PM

They are here! They are here!" href="">Summa Mamas: They are here! They are here!... Read More




Deo Gratias! Congratulations to the Smockfam! Thank you St. Gianna, St. Anne, Mary - Mother of Mothers.

What lovely names! Welcome, little guys!

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! I couldn't help but sing it. How wonderful! Welcome, welcome! And now for a speedy recovery!!

Congratulations and many praises to God for His Blessings on all of us. Those are wonderful names too!

Praise God!

What great names for such nice sized boys.
Now this is the kind of news that I like to read at the end of a day. :)

Wonderful news!

Welcome Davis and Donovan!

I am so happy to hear that everything went so well today!

CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome, guys! I'm so happy to hear everything went so well. Give Smock our love. :-)


Congratulations and blessings to the entire smockfam!!

Congratulations M & M & Smockkids!! I can't wait to see the newest parish members, bet they are cuties ;)

Cosmas and Damian - wow! yeah folks!

Woot! Congrats, Smock! And may I say--very cool names.

Congratulations, and welcome baby boys :)

Hey, that's wonderful, and I'm glad they're doing so well.

Ohmygosh! I am all teary eyed! What awesome names! Congratulations and many blessings from the Lord!

Hurrah! Congratulations! Thanks be to God! Cosmas and Damian, fab!!

wonderful news!! happy birthday, little guys :)

Wonderful! Congrats to the whole family! :)

YEE-HAH!!! Congratulations to the whole Smock-fam.

Congratulations and Praise the Lord for the safe arrivals!

Beautiful names, good sizes. Thank the Lord for His abundant mercy and love!

Hooray! Congratulations!!!

Congratulations! (I am a twin too. I was born under 5 lbs, though.)


Deo gratias!

May God grant them many years in peace, health and happiness!

Glad you were able to come up with two cool boys names starting with "D". Congratulations. Reading the news convinced me to revisit the entries from when our twin boys were born four years ago. Oh, the excitement of it all!

Wonderful news! God bless them!

Late, I know, but congratulations, Micki! Twins are awesome- and I should know! I am one!


Great news!! Congrats!

Excessively belated congratulations to you all!



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