Zteen's MMT Day #2


Day Two of the MMT (Magical Mystery Tour) continued by driving from southern Nebraska to South Dakota. IN THE RAIN. ALL DAY LONG. Here's the picture of the drive:


523 miles. Those boys are DRIVERS! (Aaaah, youth.)

The highlight of the day? Badlands National Park. Since it was raining (and pretty chilly), they didn't hike. They drove the scenic loop and got out and looked everywhere there was a stopping point.

Here's a look:


They saw a lot of buffalo, one only 10 feet from the car.

Then they drove on to Rapid City (close to Mt. Rushmore), 'cause they thought they would have to spend the night in a cheap motel. They didn't want to put the tent up in the rain. But it stopped raining, and they decided to camp in the National Forest 2 miles from Mt. Rushmore. "But it is EXPENSIVE, Mom! It cost us $18 to camp!" My frugal, frugal son!

After Mount Rushmore they make a decision to drive east or west. I'm sure they've talked it out, but they haven't told us where they're going next. They have to tell us as they decide, but they're holding out (and holding on to their independence) jealously.



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