better late than never

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donovan and davis being babies.


Adorable ... nice to see them awake! I remember having to put socks on Hannah's hands so she didn't punch herself out. Seeing Davis' and Donovan's mitts covered up was a sweet reminder of those long ago days. Thanks for the pic!

It looks like a boxing match! :-) Very sweet.

They are SO cute!! I hope that life as a twin momma is going well for you all and that you have recovered from your surgery.

thank you, ladies!

I've been away for awhile (didn't realize I could get to the Summa Mamas while the main page of St. Blogs is down.) So, CONGRATULATIONS MICKI AND FAMILY!! And welcome, precious new souls, donovan and davis.

They are absolutely adorable.

Love it! Rock 'em, sock 'em newborns!

So sweet.

God bless you all!



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