We're Outta Here!

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Suitcases packed, we're ready to hit the road! It's been more than 3 years since we have taken a vacation. McKid's birth, PapaC's heart attack and three surgeries have kept us at home. But we're breaking out, figuring this may be the last big family vacation. When we come back, Zteen must get a job and start his "real life" (as he calls it). College, jobs, girlfriends.....all that will make it hard for us to do a big time trip again. Maybe we'll be lucky, but we're grabbing the opportunity now.

Please pray for us, and for our safe travel. I remember you all in my morning prayers. Please also pray for the McKid and her mama as they travel to a wedding in a completely different direction.

Keep Smock company--she's still so tired from the birth of the boys. She'll post if she can.

If she doesn't, new content will start on Monday July 18th--with a blow by blow travelogue.

Bless you all. Thank you for being our readers and our friends.

See you soon!



Have a wonderful trip. You'll all be in my prayers. Can't wait for the travelogue!

God speed!

happy trails :)

bon voyage!

Traveling mercies!

we'll miss ya!

Have a great time! Enjoy your travels, and I for one am looking forward to your stories! Hope you get a hotel with a free high-speed connection (hint hint!) LOL!

Am I to gather, from the graphic, that you are coming to the Golden State, the Holy Land, ah, just to say the word: California? If you are at all in the Northern part (the best part), please look us up, we are listed in the Oakland phone book.



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