there's little more purgatorial an act than hunting for insurance coverage

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especially when you're Catholic. have you ever noticed just how anti-catholic, hence anti-family, your medical insurance coverage is?

we've been insurance shopping for the better part of a month and basically there is no such thing as maternity coverage when you're looking for individual plans and crappy offerings (i think that's the technical term) when you're looking at health savings accounts. there is only one company that offers a rider for maternity coverage (for people who cannot get group insurance) and that is only available for up to, not to exceed $4,000 -- and i don't know about you, but that won't even open the hospital door for someone, like me, who has to have c-sections.

oh! but they ALL cover birth control pills.


Sounds all too familiar, Micki!

We're currently on an independent health insurance plan with an HSA -- no maternity coverage. However, we can use HSA funds to cover any new babies that happen along. And our local Catholic hospital has a matching program for people who do not have materinity insurance -- every dollar you put in before the baby arrives is matched 100%. A good way to offset total costs.

I was never so mad as when I had to battle our insurance company after going through my first miscarriage. Apparently I had the audacity not to get clearnace first for miscarrying out of state on a holiday (Christmas)! I had to write several letters, the most irate one pointing out how disgusted I was that they would cover "therapeutic" abortions and prescriptions for birth control, but not the loss of a much-wanted child. After that, they paid my bills. ::sigh::

valerie, i'm saddened and disgusted by what you were put through. it's frightening what we catholic families are up against, isn't it.

Oh, can I relate. We have been self employed our entire marriage, therefore do not have group healt insurance. We have found the cheapest way for us is to not have the maternity rider, just set aside the money and pay out of pocket. By paying cash, the hopsitals and my midwife's office give us a discount. Now, nothing compares to the cool reception you get from the hospital accounting people when you have to discuss a discount because you have no maternity insurance, and you are having your seventh baby. I had to put my armor on for that conversation. We do have insurance with a 3000 dollar deductible that covers any complications, but not a normal birth. Anyway, paying for the babies has always been a challenge, especially if you don't have a "common" kind of insurance, or family. Blessings to you, the Lord will provide.

"...the Lord will provide."

ain't that the truth?

The battleground is getting a bit more overt:

Life is expensive; death is cheap. More and more of our discretionary dollars are going to have to go to the simple honoring and preservation of life. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is likely to be weak, so Lord, make us determined and clear-eyed and wedded to your will.

Insurance companies are required by law to cover contraceptives. Failure to do so is considered "sex discrimination."

I had this baby (my first) with no insurance coverage (my hubby is also self-employed)... we decided on a midwife attended homebirth partly because it was cheaper, and one flat rate (with a heck of a lot more one on one attention!). But it was hard to scrape up the money for it...and we had no back up plan for the complications I've had since then. So. Next baby, I want insurance, or a lot more savings.

There are a lot of things wrong with Canada, but one of them is NOT our free health care. Pete Vere over at Envoy can complain about it all he wants (I love Pete, but we disagree here), but there is something innately Christian about the idea of getting the care you need for free.

I had my miscarriage in the middle of the night, and the last thing on my mind was how to pay for life-saving medical care. I've had two babies since, both last-minute C-sections, and ditto.

Your government pays more per capita (entire population) for health care (ie. Medicare and Medicaid) than ours, even though it only covers a small percentage of the population, and you ladies and millions of others still have these worries??? Time for Congress to get its act together, I say.

sweet cin, i want desperately to agree with you, but the socialized medical care i experienced in scotland has really put me off it. and as corrupt as our local govt. officials can be ... ugh! ... it seems to be a catch-22.



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