About the Katrina catastrophe....

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....and wanting to help.

Remember, folks, this is gonna be a LONG-TERM effort. With refugees headed out of New Orleans and other affected areas and headed to many other cities and towns, it's going to take MONTHS and maybe YEARS to handle the devastation.

If your budget is short this month because of back-to-school expenses or an unexpected trip to the doctor? Don't fret! Pray like crazy now, and open your pocketbook next month or the month after that or the month after that. Trust me, it'll still be needed.

And check with your local charity providers as well. Yes, we've got to get help to New Orleans itself. But Dallas will have more than 25,000 refugees to deal with. Arlington Charities and Mission Arlington are starting to see the first trickles of people who have run out of money at hotels and have nothing to go back to. Fort Worth will see the same soon, if they aren't already. So there will be local efforts and local needs as well.

Do what you can TODAY. But remember there will be tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow. Hunker in for the long haul.


Yes, that is the message we are getting too ... we don't want to burn out after that first rush of helping out.



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