Two enjoyable movies Zteen and I watched this week:

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While I am not, in general, a big fan of the martial arts movie, Zteen talked me into this one saying it was "The most beautiful movie I've seen on film." After sitting through it, I would say that I must agree. And, though saying this sounds odd, the fight scene between the two women in the film is truly stunning; from color changes to wind effects, the whole piece is breathtaking.

Story is secondary to the cinematography, though it isn't bad.

Here is the review of Hero on Steven Greydanus' Decent Films Guide site.


It has been a long time since I have seen a movie that I have liked as much as this one. Here we have the story of a 50 something ad salesman whose job is threatened by the arrival of a young hotshot after a big-time corporate acquisition. Dennis Quaid (oh, mama!) plays the 50 something husband, father, honest businessman. Topher Grace plays the young hotshot, and brought a lot of depth to a character that could have just been the standard dotcom type youngblood. His longing for family and a "real life" is palpable on the screen. Scarlett Johanson (who is gorgeous, by the way) does an adequate job as the daughter.

While a couple of the plot points seem far-fetched, it is amazing that it is the functional family, the honest businessman and FAITHFULNESS that are the touchstones of the movie.

Here is a link to the review of In Good Company on the Decent Films site.


I also enjoyed both of those movies. We had them at Loews so I saw them when they came out.

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