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donovan is on the left and davis is on the right.


Dear Smockmomma,
Donovan and Davis look wonderful!
You are doing a great job...Oh, how I would love to see them in person!


Dang it, woman...DO NOT MAKE MY OVARIES TWINGE! :-)

Yes, I know, I have six kids under 11, my youngest is just 13 months, and I'm so totally happy (relieved? LOL) NOT to be pregnant yet (the first time in...what?...8 years that I'm not pg by baby's first birthday).

But STILL... :-)

They sure are cute. :-)

Cute, cute, cute! My twins will be 2 in November - I remember when they looked like this *sniff*. Now, even with their limited vocabulary, they're starting to whine about who is doing what to them *sigh*.



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