how to have fun with a two year old

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2 television sets in two different rooms, tuned to the same kids' channel
a two year old in a good pair of running shoes

simply point out that dora (blue, mr. rogers, etc.) is on both television sets, sit back and watch the show.


Haha. Funny. I should try that at my in-laws with lochy sometime. We're pretty much tv free at home (occasional movies from netflix, and Jason and I have some shows we'll be watching this fall) and the difference it has made is amazing. We kind of got suckered into it by our VCR breaking, then the bigger TV, and finally K broke the DVD player (which is under warranty at Best Buy but we haven't brought it in yet).

!!! My little one on my lap is asking "Mommy, why you Waffing? Wass so funny?"

what a wonderful visual image you've painted ;)



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