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How come it is impossible to buy the correct number of bananas in any given week? Either I buy too few, and by Thursday people are walking around my house saying "Hey, how come we don't ever have any bananas around here?" or I buy way too many and end up tossing black bananas. (Yeah, yeah, I know about banana bread, but I've usually got enough frozen bananas to make a dozen loaves!)

I don't have this problem with anything but bananas and bags of salad (which I apparently buy simply to throw away).



Smoothies! That way you can use your frozen bananas without having to bake.

Your poor thing. I only have Throwing Away Milk disease.

You could smear the bananas with yogurt and roll them in crushed sweet cereal, then wrap them and freeze them for treats later on... but maybe that's a few too many bananas for you too.

Too much lettuce? Except for buying a guinea pig, who will obligingly eat any lettuce you have going, I've got nothing for you.

I also have this problem except it is ALWAYS too many bananas ... never too few.

And I buy cauliflower to keep for a couple of weeks and then throw away. Isn't it funny how we do that?

Amen on the salad bags!

If you have too many bananas and they are beginning to turn brown, peel them, slice them up, put them in a freezer bag or tupperware and in the freezer. Half a day later they are a lot like ice cream, but much lower in calories.

I'm with you on the lettuce. Unfortunately I vacillate on the bananas. I always buy the same number, and I always wait a few days to buy new ones, but sometimes I have to throw them out and sometimes everyone's wondering where the bananas are.

I like the idea of banana ice cream without the cream. That might be worth trying.



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