it's too good to be true

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according to naral, the ultimate pro-abortion murder-on-demand group in the US, our great state of TEXAS is doing a really bad job of keeping up with abortion demands. in fact, according to their stats, 93% of TX counties have no abortion provider. it's just too good to be true. can i get a yee-HAW?

[nods to TS for the link.]


YEE-HAW. I love when I get letters from NARAL asking me to support them. I send their stuff back in their postage-paid envelope with a nice letter about how I differ from their opinions.

i like your style, laura, but, yikes! how did you get on THAT mailing list?

I get all kinds of stuff from NARAL and PP and the like just because I am a "Women's Health Care Professional" I stuff the envelopes with as much as I can and send them back postage paid......let them spend their money on useless postage and have a few cents less for baby killing.

well good. if texas can't get it together, who knows what the other states are doing.



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