And a poem from Greater Tuna......

| | Comments (1) of the funniest plays I've ever seen about Texas (and one of the most realistic, if'n you grew up around here). The Tuna plays prove that Texans have the best sense of humor about themselves of anyplace in the world. We laugh, but we love it!

In place of Tuna in this poem, you could put in the name of my hometown. It'd work just as well....

My Tuna

My Tuna, oh my Tuna
The only place I know
I've often thought of leaving you
but don't know where I'd go.

For Paris has no bar-b-que and
Rome just can't compare
to a lovely Texas sunset
when the dust is in the air.

Tuna, oh my Tuna,
is such fun on Friday nights
when the Jaguars lose another
game and everybody fights.

And I love you when you're frozen
And I love you when you're dry
And In April when the pollen is so
thick it makes you cry.

But Tuna, oh my Tuna,
Please stay just the way you are
'Cause I think the world
Outside of Tuna is bizarre.


excuse me while i wipe a bit of tear from my eyes. that's beautiful. just. beautiful.



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