And, Mr. K, If you'd like to talk about rattlesnakes....

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How can you not love a place that has festivals like the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup, which come complete with a parade, a Miss Snakecharmer pageant, and Rattlesnake dances every night during the festival? A festival that culminates with FRIED RATTLESNAKE! How can you NOT like a festival that has to have FIRST AID DIRECTIONS listed on its website? A festival dedicated to pokin' snakes with sticks????

I ask you, Monterey art festival, or rattlesnake roundup? Real men (and women) know the answer to THAT one!


I've eaten rattlesnake before. It was OK. Tasted just like alligator.

Count me out. I don't have a problem with them killing the snakes, but from what I've heard the conditions the snakes are kept in beforehand are appalling. No shade, no water, piled on top of each other... no animal deserves that !

miss donna -- aw, now ain't that sweet? i'm all for animal rights 'n all, but only for the cute 'n cuddly ones. ever cuddle up to a rattlesnake?

Have you ever seen a nest of rattlers in nature? They do just pile on top of one another. It is kind of creepy, kind of scary, and kind of beautiful at the same time.

rattlers like it dry, like it hot, and like to pile atop one another. it would be cruelty to put them in an aquarium alone.

Rattlesnakes smell AWFUL. If you have a good nose, you can usually smell them before seeing them if the wind isn't blowing too hard.



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