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....Other people might have historical trails (in fact, we have plenty of those!), but here in Texas, we know what's really important.


If you click here, then you'll see a list of the best barbecue places in central Texas, including what many consider the very best places in the world. One of those places happens to be in Luling, so after you finish thumping watermelons, you can try the best barbecue you will ever lap a lip over.


I do love Texas barbecue, even though I tend to be a purist: barbecue is pork. For Christmas, though, I did an appetizer of Texafornian barbecue with beef brisket and my California barbecue sauce (based on figs, red bell peppers, prunes, espresso, red wine, and bourbon).

one of the first things my mom (Texan born) wanted to find when we came back from France was barbecue. We hit so many little barbecue shacks as we drove cross country from NY to CA - the first was in Missouri but she wasn't really happy till we hit texas.

Best soul food = South Dallas Cafe near Fair Park. Go for a ride on the wild side.

Mmm, Luling. I've been there!



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