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"everything looks better with a panhandle on it." ~sophia dembling

heavens t'betsy! bless his 'lil pea-pickin' heart, mr. keilholtz of erik's rants and recipes, in response to the lack of response he received from a comment he posted here at the summa mamas (see the comments under "iffin' i may say so myself"), is "worried about texas."

says our darlin' little "golden" boy,

...So, when I, in one of those moods, compared the map of Texas to an oddly-cut Porterhouse steak, on a certain well-known Texan blog, I expected to at least get a barrage of funny insults, if not from the hosts of that particular blog, at least from one of the other notorious Texans of St. Blogs. Nada. Zip.

TEXAS is not only one helluva sexy and virile state, but TEXAS is also a mighty friendly state. see, TEXAS comes from the hasinai indian word "tejas," which means friends, so TEXAS' motto is "friendship." an' seein' as how we're all friends here, we wouldn't dream of gettin' into a a big ol' scuffle over sumthin' so trivial.

of course, we TEXANS know that our state is the sexiest shaped state in the country. just look at the size of that panhandle. and we're practically star shaped. who could ask for more'n that? now, you know i'd rather walk on my tongue than criticize, but just look at the shape of poor ol' californy. it looks like a parenthesis. . .it just screams "parenthetical! we're just an aside" (but i digress).

we TEXANS are so rightly proud of the shape of our state that we make watches, bricks, belt buckles, stepping stones, jewelry, topiaries, meatloaf and all sorts of cool stuff in the shape of our great state. and guess what! people from all over the world recognize it. when was the last time you ate a cookie made in the shape of iowa? that's what i thought. the only other place in the world that has such a recognizable shape is italy. and even that's in the shape of a boot -- which is likely a friendly nod from God to our cowboy boots anyhow. get bent outta shape by a jaw at the shape of our state? why, that notion's dumber'n an ol' mule starin' at a fence post.


My favorite boots (if I could justify spending $400 on a pair of boots) are from an Italian family in Texas, so I know what you are getting at there!

Now don't forget us Michiganders, we got a mitten!!



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