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A very good friend of mine, a "sister of my heart", has learned that her mother has inoperable cancer. The cancer started in her mom's lungs, apparently, and has spread to many other organs, including her brain. There is really nothing that can be done other than to keep her comfortable.

Please pray for Katherine (the mom) and for the whole family facing this.


lifting the entire family in prayer.

Me too....may her voyage be eased by the prayers of all who know her and her family.

Oh, MamaT, I'm so sorry. We just went through this with my husband's mother in the summertime. It is headspinning and heartwrenching and the only thing that helps is prayer.

I'll send mine up right now.

Praying for Katherine and her family.


I'm grateful for the opportunity to pray for Katherine and her family and look forward to continuing. Thank you!



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