latin anyone?

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"It is not so much an excellent thing to know Latin, as it is a shame not to know it." -- Pope John Paul II

unfortunately, the extent of my latin ranges only from PRO TEXANA (of course) to several phrases of the gloria, the lord's prayer, and agnus dei; but only because we sing them at Mass, and even then i wouldn't recognize them without an organ playing overhead.

yesterday, i bought the most beautiful pink and silver bracelet that has four catholic medals that i've never seen before -- the bracelet is from mexico so i'm guessing these are popular medals down south. i understand the ones in spanish, but one of them has a picture of Our Lord looking heavenward and it reads: ECCE HOMO. i'm guessing it's latin for something man. is this what pilate said when presenting Christ to the crowds?

thank y'all.


Yes ma'am, it's "behold The Man".

thank you, mr. obscure. based in part on your review, i cannot wait to see capote. seymour-hoffman is one of my favorites, though i fear he'll steal this year's oscar from delicious pheonix.

Oh, yeah, Smocky, like Greg says: "Behold the Man!"

In a really dramatic scene in "The Passion of the Christ," Pilate loudly intones these words to the crowd.

Pronunciation is:


Also, since you already know the Agnus Dei, combine the words "Ecce" and "Agnus Dei" and you know what the priest is saying before the response, "Domini non sum dignus" :-)


Salvete Matres Summae!

Our Latin textbook at school was the estimable 'Ecce Romani', and the first text began, 'Ecce, in pictura est puella, nomine Cornelia. Cornelia est puella Romana...' - 'Look, in the picture is a girl called Cornelia. Cornelia is a Roman girl.' Instantly memorable, for some reason.

'Ecce, in interrete est mater, nomine Smock...'

'Interrete' seems to be the usual neo-Latin for Internet...

Pax et bonum!



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