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or is bob barker getting more persnickety and bossy in his golden years? i don't remember him being such a curmudgeon when i was a wee lass in my nonny's lap watching the price is right. i've watched several episodes lately -- hey! the twins nurse down for their morning nap when it's on, okay? -- and bob seems awfully impatient and irritable with his contestants. and, yes, this is the sort of inane fluff that really perplexes sleep-deprived-stay-at-home moms who are nursing twins twenty hours a day.


I guess sleep-deprivation might explain your posting the same post twice.

I guess sleep-deprivation might explain your posting the same post twice.

i guess so.

i guess so.

I think it has to do with his embrace of the horrible Animal Rights movement. Anyone who lives in that world is bound to end up bitter, grumpy and nasty. What he needs is a nice piece of seared foie gras.

I haven't tuned in for a while, but it could be that he's just simply getting older and has less patience with some people.

Hello, Mommas!

Could you email with Zteen's Phone #? I need to talk to him about Eagle Scout Project stuff.


I linked from Such Small Hands. Hi. I prayed for twins based on how much fun it would be. (Don't hit me.) Instead God gave me a double, a 10lb 5oz hungry boy. I nursed him very hour on the hour during the day, every two hours during the night. I called 6:30 a night feeding. Check him out on my site under Kid Tales, the entry called "Feed Me" and the rest of that is "Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors. We survived. He is a modest 6'3" and a father of two boys, one not yet unveiled. Favorite verse: "It came to pass" so enjoy as much as you can before it's all gone.



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