slow goin' - prayers needed

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it'll be slim pickins an slow goin' around her for a spell. it seems that when it rains, it pours.

mamaT's beautiful mother recently had to have emergency surgery for her hip. she is facing unusual challenges in her rehabilitation, so feel free to send up as much prayer as you can for her.

our beloved papaHawk had an emergency room scare, and while he's been released, prayer would be nice.

donovan, the baby smocktwin, had a visit to the emergency room night before last and had to have a "procedure" done on his itty bitty toe. he seems to be doing fine, but the toe looks kinda yucky. prayers for healing will be much appreciated.

it just dawned on me that it's ash wednesday. it looks like this'll be one of those lenten seasons. praise the Lord.


Oh no! Perfect time of year for healing prayers, though. Get well, everyone. (Poor little Donovan's toe! Ouch!)

so sorry to hear of your trials! I was hoping to read what lenten music your parish is singing - (to wash the taste of "ashes" from my mouth).

Will be praying for you all.
(I think I can relate to "one of those Lenten seasons.")



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