For Entertainment Purposes Only: Analyzes the 2006 Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture

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LOS ANGELES — February 24, 2006

The Media Data Corporation entertainment auditors have analyzed the content of the 2006 Academy Award Best Picture nominees, citing a 313% increase in tobacco use and a 31% drop in overall profanity use. They have also announced their projected winner for the coveted award, based on statistical analysis of the trends in the content of previous nominees and winners.

i don't have a problem with instances of smoking -- other than the fact that, if well done, it makes me want to smoke -- and cannot figure out why smoking is tabulated but alcohol consumption isn't. regardless, if you want to see the tabulated data, visit FAMILYMEDIAGUIDE.COM.

i find it amusing that capote, a movie about the author of in cold blood, arguably the first "true crime" novel detailing the brutal and senseless murder of a kansas family, is the least offensive of our best picture nominees. it also happens to be the only of the movies up for best picture that i have actually seen. it will not win, but seymour-hoffman should if, and only if, hotquin phoenix doesn't win for his brilliant portrayal of hello, i'm johnny cash in walk the line.


Hotquin? I love it. Did you know he was the errant pre-ad in Parenthood? Not being a fan of country music, a mild fan of Johnny Cash, maybe I'll rent it and roll down the sound just to see Hotquin.

You're cute.



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