if you decide to give up caffeine for lent...

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...you can rest assured that the people behind you at the red light will kindly honk a wake-up call when the light turns green.

...people aren't afraid to point and giggle at you for snoring during the homily.

...you may decide that "meditation" is easier than "prayer" for now.

...in hindsight, a t.v.-free lent looks a heckuvalot less ambitious than initially thought.



exactly why I didn't give up coffee for Lent- I'm a wimp!

why give up caffeine only to get addicted to the ibuprofen used to numb the pain of the stabbing headache i would get everyday without my morning cup o joe.

you are a brave soul!

You forgot to mention the two-day long caffine-withdrawal headache...

You can avoid the withdrawal headache by drinking a lot of water before retiring. Coffee is a diuretic.

thank you kindly for the information.



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