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....on the pervasive practice of taking tiny kids to inappropriate movies can be found here.

This is one of my pet peeves. KidC, a young'un with severe behavioral problems, is 10 and has seen movies that even I have not (and will not) see. He sees the most inappropriate violent films. And yes, I think it affects his behavior.



Many an argument has this very topic caused my husband and I because I have the exact same gut reaction. When we saw Kill Bill there were 5 children sitting behind us and the oldest could not have been 4. Talk about outrage.

It makes me sooooo angry and I see it all the time working in the theater :( Toddlers at a 8-9 pm showing of brokeback mountain - and the parents were angry cause they were whining. Um. HELLO!? Get a babysitter, or wait till it's on video and they are in bed asleep!!!!!!! Uhoh you got me started.



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