smocktwin update

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no matter how far apart i place them, the boys end up next to or on top of one another.

donovan got caught trying to make his way into the dishwasher.

if you look really hard, you may see davis' first little tooth. donovan's first tooth broke through on the very same day. talk about identical.


Delicious! You are obviously loving them into robustness! Blessings!

Oh my goodness....those boys are prefection !!!

They are wonderful, Smock!

You are so blessed!


they are so so big, i cant believe it. werent we just pregnant with the 3 year olds ?!

Oh, how gorgeous they are! What darlings.

'dorable 'dorable 'dorable !! Oh, man, lady, you make me want to walk the 956 miles to my grandkid! More pics, please.

Too, too cute! Almost makes me want one more bun in my oven -- almost, but not quite. ;-)



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