sick and twisted: seven U.S. women have died after taking the abortion pill

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WASHINGTON -- Two more women have died after using the abortion pill RU-486, federal health regulators said Friday, in warning doctors to watch for a rare but deadly infection implicated in earlier deaths.

At least seven U.S. women have died after taking the pill, sold since 2000. . .

Instead of swallowing the final two tablets, the second course of pills was inserted vaginally in the four women, a so-called "off-label" use of the drug that studies show works and is widely recommended by abortion clinics but does not have federal approval. full article here.

what fresh hell is this? did i read this correctly? abortion clinics are actually recommending a more dangerous administration of the pill so that it not only murders the baby but also the mother?


The ACLJ said on its program yesterday (100.7 FM) that the FDA had received more than 800 complaints re: this drug. If the prevailing wisdom is true in this case that only 10% of all complaints are ever filed with the FDA then this is a particularly poor record for any drug, much less one that is so dangerous and awful. Why the FDA hasn't acted should be agenda items #1-10 for organizations that supposedly want to protect and defend women, women's rights, and women's health, especially minority women since there is a greater use of RU-486 in the minority communities . . . I guess, abortion is bigger business, than oil.

Abortion, legal or not, is the greatest evil to befall our society. I do NOT excuse it. I've known of 2 women in my 55+ years who would have died from carrying a child. 2. Not millions. 2. Even then, cannot life support machines have kept even one of those two alive long enough for the b-a-b-y to survive? I get really livid over this. Can you tell?

we need even more people to get livid. let's all get livid. livid people get things done!

misoprostil is more effective given vaginally, so they can get by with fewer pills and save $$$ - for a pill that costs pennies apiece.....



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