at the risk of profiling a good friend or two...

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...several folks have asked what i mean by "crunchy." i assure you this is not my word. i actually prefer "greenbeany," but now that rod dreher has popularized the word with his crunchier-than-thou diatribe entitled "cruncy cons" i think the word is gonna stick. but, i digress. in a nutshell, granola types are "crunchy" because granola is crunchy. get it? earthy people who gnosh granola, sip silk, shop at whole foods wearing birkenstocks, burlap and hemp, and who drive hybrids to their organic farms are "crunchy." not that there's anything wrong with that.


Yesterday, my husband and I saw a Toyota Prius with a "Keep Abortion Legal" sticker on the back . . . we were both so ___fill-in-the blank___ and neither of us could properly address the absolute sick irony of the picture in front of us so we just said nothing.

i'm always tempted to ask these types who they are saving the planet for...certainly not the next generation of aborted souls.

Don't forget, they have their cloth-diapered babies in slings while shopping at Whole Foods in their Birks! ;)

Julie -

Hey, that sounds like me! Or at least me as I would be if I could afford Birks or Whole Foods!



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