coolmoe clothes for the crunchy

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now, i am so not granola and i think being a crunchy carnivore is just, well, schizophrenic; but i do dig on attachment parenting, so i really like some of the shirts at granola threads.
granola threads.jpg
for the smock
for the smocktwins

check out the other advocacy designs from coolmoe to wacko at granola threads.


Oh yeah? You just fly on over here and I'll make you a dinner of organic, grass fed beef (with organic vegetables and local, artisan wines, bread, and cheeses) and we'll see if you call me schizophrenic anymore.

I also make a pretty good granola. Goes great with homemade organic whole milk yogurt and organic, non-nitrate cured bacon.

I got my friend's son a romper that says "Blissed Out On Mama's Milk" A local WAHM - - has some granola threads shirts/rompers on sale on her site. We were at her house for playgroup today.

#1 is just teh awesome.

Can someone explain to me what "crunchy" means?

That is sooo cute. (That beats the "Eat at Mom's" shirts my little guys had...)

Wish I could get something retroactive...Like "I Made Milk for 15 Years." :)

These are so cute!



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