I'm buying this book.....

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.....based on this review by Christina Hoff Summers in The Weekly Standard.


And I'm buying it from Amazon, rather than a used bookseller (which is my normal habit), because any man brave enough to write this book deserves the royalties from my purchase.

The Summa Mamas have long been lovers and admirers of manly men. We should know. We're married to 'em and we're raising sons to be them. And in this day and time, THAT is an act of courage. We're raising sons who are chivalrous, dependable, courageous and different. It's not easy for them. Smock knows it with a 10 year old. I know it in spades with a soon to be 20 year old.

Manliness, as the author of this book knows and reports, has its downsides. What can be noble in man can also become petulant and dangerous, like Achilles, or angry and malificent like a terrorist. But manliness controlled by reason is necessary. Godly manliness softened by the femininity of a mother, and one day please God, a wife, is the path to fulfillment and happiness for my son.


how sexy! you must lend, okay?

There would be more manly men if there were more womanly women. 'Course, blaming it on the girls is not a manly trait, is it?



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