Not so "superwoman" Not so super at all.....

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Sweet Smock. To think that anyone could see someone as crazy as me as a superwoman. It is to laugh. Ruefully, at that. I only wish I were.

Basically, I just echo Smock's entry. It's a hard time at the moment--though things may be taking a tick upward. At this point, though, I'm more than a little afraid that that tick upward may be that "tick, tick, tick" sound you hear on a roller coaster while you are riding to the top of a hill, so that you can get an even bigger downhill rush!

When I was a young accountant, and was in the giant pool of new hires that got divvied out to jobs like so many cattle, we all wanted the "good jobs." (How we thought we even knew what the "good jobs" were, I can't even remember.) Somehow I never landed on those "good jobs." To sell those less than desirable jobs to us lowly peons, the managers of the jobs would tell us, "But it'll be good experience." And that's when I learned the biggest lesson I ever got from working: Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

That sounds cynical. And it was, at the time. But I still hold it to be true. AND good for me. I still don't like it much, but experience has taught me far more than the things that I LIKE have ever taught me.

So, what's God busy teaching me? That I'm small, and He's big. That I have work to set my hands to, whether it's what I would choose or not. That rest is important, and He can handle the world while I get some sleep. (Imagine that.) That prayers don't have to "feel" good to be efficacious and necessary. They just have to be done. That bearing burdens can be a glorious vocation--it's just hard to remember that when you're right in the middle of it!

We'll be in and out, though mostly out, I suspect, for a few more weeks. We love ya'll, and we hope that you'll keep checking in. 'Cause when the Summas come back, we'll be wiser, we hope, than we are now.


I'm so glad you posted. I have been thinking of you....

The fire is not fun at all....
but you will shine like gold and you will reflect Christ.

"When you are going thru Hell,
keep going."
Churchill (I think)

Love and Prayers,

I don't think that the gold enjoys the refining process, either.

y'all seem pretty wise to me already ... we'll be waiting for you. :-)



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