what the funk?

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in case you haven't noticed, the smock has been in a funk -- and not a cool one, as in funkY -- for quite some time; and not wanting to bore you with the details, i've kept away from the blog. but i figure that at this point, if i don't at least check in, y'all will all think the summa mamas dead ... or worse, just plain boring as hell.

the fact of the matter is that sweet mamaT is being pulled in more directions than a compass has, caring for family and friends, not just physically, but financially and emotionally, and oh yes, spiritually as well. that superwoman we call mamaT began her lent with a bang and is still able to muster the strength to barge forward. so she's still here. you may see her peek in from time to time, but as long as her sweet mother recovers and the few other "orphans" she's taken on are in need, her time for breathing, much less blogging, is limited.

i, on the other hand, basically got half way through lent and threw up my hands. in surrender? not exactly. with fists more likely, but it took too much energy, so i just exhaled. funny thing is, lent didn't seem to want to end for me either and, unlike mamaT, i just gave up. my mantra has become akin to "tomorrow is another day, scarlet." it seems that being the mother of ten month old twins takes a wee more energy -- and iron -- than i could have possibly foreseen and it's all terribly boring and i ramble. i'm trying to avoid the "poor me, poor me, pour me another" whiney complaining that i detest with verve, but it is ironic that i've slipped into the state of motherhood that i've always been so bigoted against. i'm sure there's a spiritual lesson to be learned in here somewhere, but i don't have the energy to decipher it.

with that said, we miss y'all. we're still here, but we're just gonna be the wallflowers watching from the wings for awhile. we know you understand -- and it's why we love y'all.


sounds like pretty typical pp depression feelings. overwhelmed and just barely hanging in there. it's a horrible way to have to learn empathy. sleep becomes essential but hard to get. will be praying for you all.


Pick up the phone and call us. We'll help any way we can.

Call when you need those vanilla cokes! ; )

I have a sense of what you are going through (at least on the financial end) [brickbat note: I didn't say "know" :)]. You have my prayers.


Best wishes and blessings, Summa Mamas! I'll miss you both and keep you in my prayers. :)

God is loving you through this trying time.



The most important thing so many of us can do for you is Pray. So we do! It is not the "Only" but simply most important thing we can do.

Alicia does speak from her own experiences. The Lord gives us graces in ways we often do not know at the time.

I trusted, even when I said:
"I am sorely afflicted,"
and when I said in alarm:
"No man can be trusted."

How can I repay the Lord
for his goodness to me?
The cup of salvation I will raise;
I will call upon the Lord's name.

from Ps 116

May the Lord bless you and keep you;
May the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
May the Lord turn His face towards you and give you peace.



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