finally! bacon smock can wear! whoo-hoo, catchoo!


let's face it, the summa mamas love meat. and, everyone knows that i love me some bacon. of course, as a self-professed meat n' potatoes kinda gal, i have earned a rap for not being too cuddly on veggies. that's okay. taking mamaT's cue (see mamaT's entry on veggies you can wear), i started looking for more delicious couture.

well, i couldn't find a pair of bacon sandals -- which i really thought i'd find because...well, how cute would that be? totally coolmoe.

anyway, i did find a cool tee that reads:


and then totally mad bracelets to boot:


and for the smocktwins, also known as the wee carnivores of smockmaison:


gotta have it.



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