The best thing about kids.....

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......, and really, there are LOTS of good things, is how very funny they are.

McKid just turned 4, and she thinks she is grown. It took us a long time to convince her that on the day of her birthday she would not miraculously change to a new size. I think she was a little disappointed when it really didn't happen.

But yesterday we were coming home from swimming in a friend's pool, where we had spent a couple of lovely, cool hours on a 104 degree afternoon.

"Mama, do you know what I want?"

"No, baby."

"I want a driver's license!"

"A driver's license? Why do you want that?"

"I just do! A driver's license and a phone number."

I think I'm in trouble--if she wants 'em at 4, what'll she want at 16?


Nah, you'll be fine, it's definitely just a thing all little girls do on their 4th birthday! I refused to go to my party on my 4th and sat on my Babcia's bed sobbing because "The good old days are behind me now! I'm old!" She was 55 at the time and has said she only didn't strangle me because I'm her granddaughter. Ask your family what you did. I think it's universal.



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