Hey, Smock! If you won't EAT your veggies....

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.....how 'bout WEARIN' 'em?


You can get these at Zappos, for only $148.95.

Or, if you'd prefer a SALAD, you could go with these:


You can purchase these lovely sandals at Zappos for only $152.95.

But since veggies aren't your thing, you could always go with the famous CHICKEN SHOES!!!


And these darlin' little numbers can be purchased at Zappos for only (ONLY!) $123.95.

Look, dear readers, if one of you reads this entry and decides, "Hey, I've got an extra coupla hundred layin' around, I think I'll get me some of those chicken shoes", could you just send me the check instead? I'll give you my address.


i'm sorry. i'm afraid that by wearing veggies i may inadvertently promote their cause.

...but i would wear chicken sandals. or better yet, bacon sandals!

Oh no, they're back on about shoes, they are.



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