Today's hymns

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The introit today was this:

This is the hour of banquet and of song;
this is the heavenly table spread for me;
here let me feast, and feasting, still prolong
the hallowed hour of fellowship with thee.

Too soon we rise; we go our several ways;
the feast, though not the love, is past and gone,
the bread and wine consumed: yet all our days
thou still art here with us, our shield and sun.

Feast after feast thus comes and passes by;
yet, passing, points to the glad feast above,
giving sweet foretaste of the festal joy,
the Lamb's great bridal feast of bliss and love.

Sung to the tune Farley Castle.

Today's offertory was Hope of the World, Thou Christ.

Sung to this tune, but the words are still under copyright, so I can't find them.

The communion hymn, which I didn't get to sing because it was over too soon, was:

Bread of heaven, on thee we feed,
for thy Flesh is meat indeed;
ever may our souls be fed
with this true and living Bread;
day by day with strength supplied
through the life of him who died.

Vine of heaven, thy Blood supplies
this blest Cup of sacrifice;
'tis thy wounds our healing give,
to thy cross we look and live:
Thou our life! oh let me be
grafted, rooted, built in thee.

Sung to Jesu, Jesu, Du Mein Hirt.

And finally, one of my favorites:

Singing songs of expectation,
onward goes the pilgrim band,
through the night of doubt and sorrow,
marching to the promised land.
Clear before us through the darkness
gleams and burns the guiding light:
brother clasps the hand of brother,
stepping fearless through the night.

One the light of God's own presence,
o'er his ransomed people shed,
chasing far the gloom and terror,
brightening all the path we tread:
one the object of our journey,
one the faith which never tires,
one the earnest looking forward,
one the hope our God inspires.

One the strain the lips of thousands
lift as from the heart of one;
one the conflict, one the peril,
one the march in God begun:
one the gladness of rejoicing
on the far eternal shore,
where the one almighty Father
reigns in love for evermore.

Sung to Ton-y-Botel (or sometimes called Ebeneezer).


The introit needs the other verses!
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face.
Here would I touch and handle things unseen.
Here, grasp with firmer hand th'eternal grace
And all my weariness upon Thee lean.

Here would I feed upon the Bread of God;
Here, drink with Thee the royal Wine of Heav'n.
Here would I lay aside each earthly load;
Here, taste afresh the calm of sin forgiv'n.

I have no help but Thine, nor do I need
Another arm save Thine to lean upon.
It is enough, my Lord, enough indeed:
My strength is in Thy might, Thy might alone.

The church I grew up in sang that at least four times a year, and it still comes into my head on the way to communion. BTW, your verse one was my three, and then the last one I gave was verse four. I don't remember the name of our tune, but it was different.



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