Fine Art Friday x 2

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Today's entry is in honor of the Zman, my lovely son. Here's his favorite photograph by Ansel Adams. A large poster of it hangs in his bedroom:

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico

I love this picture, because it portrays everything I love about the landscapes of West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Big, big sky.

But for me, today, I am adding another image. Because do you know how blessed HOT it is around here? We need something to cool off. So:

Pine Branches in Snow

A raft of info on Ansel Adams can be found here.


Isn't Ansel Adams the best? I saw a documentary on him and his son talked about some of his famous prints. I think this is the picture where they had only a few minutes to work to capture the perfect light. Maybe I'm wrong... I love his Yosemite pictures.

Thanks for the beauty and the reminder that this heat, too, shall pass.

You're right, Carol. The day of shooting was over, he saw this view on the way back to where he was staying, pulled the car over and worked quickly to get the shot.

It's the most popular Ansel Adams print sold.



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