i wonder if these would be kicked off the cover of babytalk by angry mothers

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Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked. Luke 11.27

The Madonna and Child with Saint Joseph and the Infant Baptist
Federico Barocci

The Madonna Nursing the Infant Christ
Adriaen Isenbrandt

Madonna Litta
Leonard De Vinci

Madonna and Child
Guido Reni

The Madonna Nursing the Infant Christ
Jan Provost

Madonna and Child with a Male Saint, Catherine of Alexandria and a Donor
Michelangelo di Pietro Mencherini


My only protest is OUCH! PLEASE, Herr Provost, paint the WHOLE aerola in the Baby's mouth, or our poor Mother Mary is going to suffer cracked nipples.

I guess that proves Provost is a guy.

I'd say give me more, but this is the Virgin we're talking about.



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