Have we told you in the last five minutes.....

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......that it's HOT around here? Well, it is, and we're off to the pool this morning to get cool and relaxed. Some interesting stuff from a Peter Kreeft book I'm reading, later. But now, it's time for:



Please tell me that is not my daughter in the water!!!!

Wow, that Kreeft book must be a heavy tome to make a splash like that.

And I must admit that it is an interesting twist - dunking, rather than burning a book. It is probably more appropriate on a hot day, though.

Tell us the bits that led to the launching of said volume. I am curious.

MKM: Nope, not her! Though she did jump off the steps a time or two. The ZMan came after class and he made a splash that looked remarkably like that. McKid said, "Well, THAT did not make me so very happy!" We cracked up.

Erik! I LOVE the Kreeft book, and would never throw it in. At any rate, it is too small to leave a splash like that.

It's just TOO HOT here to think very much these days, so I continue to post silliness.



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