Fine Art Friday (Back to School Edition!)

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Now, when we were homeschooling, we really didn't start this early, but the public schools start on Monday 'round here, the Catholic schools start on Thursday, and McKid's preschool starts the following Monday. So here's a Back to School entry for Fine Art Friday.

School Days.bmp
School Days
Jessie Wilcox-Smith

You can read more about Jessie Wilcox-Smith here. She did many illustrations for fairy tale books, as well as illustrations for Heidi, The Water Babies, and Little Women. She also did the covers for Good Housekeeping Magazine for years.

But since it still feels like summer around here, I'll also post a bonus summery image by Wilcox-Smith:

Little Drops.bmp
Little Drops


Update: The McKid saw this picture and said, "Look! She has on the same dress I'm wearing. But I don't have a bow!"

This is the McKid typing, because she's deseperate to do it on the site:

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I love Jessie Wilcox-Smith's illustrations! My favorite mug (a gift from my mom) features one of her GH covers, a picture of a mother reading to her two children outdoors. :)



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