somehow it all started with bottles. . .

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bottles, formulas, binkies, smelly blankets, mommy-talk tapes, baby monitors, and heartbeat bears move over!


in our endless search for ways to "be with our children" without actually having to "be with our children" please allow us to introduce the Zaky® Infant Pillow. this is not a joke. our tagline is actually "Zaky -- It's Like Leaving a Part of You with Your Baby."

the smock-chitlins respond:
gabby: "is that for halloween?"
grace: "[actual scream] oh my gawd!"
[mom intervenes "it isn't real"]
grace: "did they cut the hands off of a doll?"
glynnis: "what is that? eww, mom! what is it?"
duncan: "whoa. that's kinda creepy."

when will it ever end?

props to marsha for the link.

*** i will admit that this may actually be a great idea for use in NICUs where mom and dad cannot be present and/or are not allowed to hold baby.


But wait!! Did you read the FAQ?? Do not leave your child unattended while using the Zaky!! (rofl)


But I think the pranksters at my house would have a lot of fun with them...



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