So, you learn something new every day, if you hang around with the right people!

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I had never heard of a grook. But thanks to Bill Luse, over at Apologia (link to the left), I've gotten a chance to read some!

Check out some of the grooks of Piet Hein. I'll wait while you go read.......

...Now, cool huh? I am no poet, though TSO and Bill might be (and you can read some of their efforts over at their sites). But I know what I like, and I liked the grooks!

Here's one of my favorites from the page above:


I am trying to rule
over ten thousand things
which I thought
belonged to me.
All of a sudden
a doubt take wings:
Do they...
or could it be..?

A hardhanded hunch
in my mind's ear rings
from whence
such suspicions may stem:
that if you possess
more than just eight things
then y o u
are possessed by t h e m


They are fun. Hard to stop reading.



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