The Zman and I continue to be impressed with:

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Charlie: What about satellites in space that can take photos of your license plate and stuff?
Sayid: If only we were all wearing license plates.

And I officially have a crush on:


(As the sounds of Coo coo ca choo, Mrs. Robinson waft softly in the background.) Ahem.

I thought as we watched the show, I would get tired of it. Nope. It's all we can do not to jump in the car and drive to Blockbuster to pick up the next disc as soon as we finish the first. But we've resisted. We've doled it out a disc per week. We will finish Season One this next week sometime. And then Season Two will be out on September 5th. Hooray!

Look, I don't watch a ton of TV. And I love me some Law and Order in all its permutations. (Yes, let's hear it for the genius of Vincent D'Onforio--weirdo extrodinaire.)

But Lost puts 'em to shame. It puts everything I've seen on TV in the last few YEARS to shame. Consistently funny, adventurous, mysterious, weird.....

I hope that Season Two can keep it up.


Welcome sister, we've been waiting for you! :-D



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