Very clever marketing.....

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Yes, I think this is expensive, but I think I could see spending the money for a cute gift to a sister or niece who lives far away upon hearing about a new pregnancy:


Pregnancy Survival Kit also has Hearbreak Survival kits (all chocolate, of course!), tonsillectomy survival kits, and lots of other stuff. You can also buy ice creams, gelatos and sorbets from "micro-dairies" all over the country.

The Mamas are so warm these days, that anything ice cream related sounds delish to us!


See the pint on the bottom that says Michael's?

We have that in our little town.

The shoppe is in an old gas station. It is very cool.
Great custard!

Well, I think I'll drive up and try some!!!

Is it cooler than 106 up there???

As a Texan who is currently exiled to Northern Virginia, I am pining for some Bluebell Ice Cream.Their new flavor, chocolate covered strawberries, is heavenly.Unfortunately, Northern Virginia is out of the Bluebell distribution area so I have to savor it when I travel to Texas or even to North Carolina.



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