We've had several comments on the image at the top of yesterday's entry....

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so here is a link to the web-page from which they came.

There are many lovely images there, including this one:


I am very fond of representations of Christ and Mary in other cultures--not because they really looked that way, but because it speaks to the universality of our Lord and Savior. The fact that so many people make him theirs is moving.

The organist at SMV is from Korea. When she came back to us after her wedding, she brought the parish a gift--a statue of a Madonna and Child in traditional Korean garb. It is lovely, and one of our most prized possessions.


Thank you Mama T, I love the international images too, for the same reasons.

Thanks for that photo gallery ... Asian art is my favorite and, like you, I love those cultural representations of Jesus from around the world.

Thanks for the link, those paintings are lovely.



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