Fine Art Friday

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Downing the Nigh Leader
Frederic Remington

Being a West Texas girl, born and raised, I love Western art. I'm lucky to live near a museum with the quality of this one: The Amon Carter Museum: An American Collection. This museum is where I was first exposed to Remingtons and Russells--bronzes and paintings. Folks, there are a lot of ugly horse pictures out there. I don't know what it is about horses that makes them so difficult to capture in painting, especially in movement. But both Remington and Russell do it well.

While I was looking at Western art to post today, I also came across this, which I think is unusual and worth a look. I love it when an artist tips his hat, so to speak, to another:


Homage to Remington
LeRoy Neiman

I had only ever seen Neiman's sports related work--largely in Sports Illustrated. I was delighted to find this one. You can find more of his work on his official website.


If you like Western Art, then you should RUN, not walk (or probably better would be to fly, really) to Tulsa and see the Gilchrist Museum. Amazing collection in a beautiful building.



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