What a swell idea this is!

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These folks have taken books in the public domain, and chopped them into daily pieces, which they then send you via email. So, when you are checking your email, you can read a small bite of a book that you've been wanting to read.

The next day, another bite, until you've finished the whole thing!

Too slow? Well, they have a button which says "send me the next installment right away" and you can read another segment.

I know, I know. For those of us with a reading habit, squeezing a book in isn't a problem. But for my husband, it might be an ideal way to read a couple of snippets on his lunch hour....

And it might be a way for me to actually read something like Moby Dick that I've tried and failed at before.... At least I wouldn't have to look at the whole thing all at one time!

Go check 'em out.


Dear MamaT,

Thanks for this link. I read a lot already, but there are some things that I haven't been able to force my way through. Maybe a day-by-day reading bit will help.



There used to be a public radio program called the Radio Reader with Dick Estelle.I first listened to it twenty years ago when we lived in Marquette, MI. However, over the years I have heard it in a variety of locations. Dick Estelle would take a contemporary novel and read for thirty minutes every day. I absolutely loved being read to. Sometimes, however, the story was just exciting to wait and I would find myself buying the book and reading ahead. This sounds like an email equivalent. What fun!



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