Book #1 of 2007 finished!


Well, that was hard to type. 2007? How can it be that it goes so fast?

Anyway, the busy-ness of the holidays have really slowed down my reading. Well, that and an afghan that I am trying to finish, mostly because I'm tired of it sitting around. So I am pouring lots of time into that.

#1: Cheerfulness Breaks In by Angela Thirkell. Another in Thirkell's Barsetshire series--this time set in the early years of the second World War. While it still has its humor (should I type humour?), and a lot of it, it is a poignant look at what the ramp up to the war would have been like in England. Refugee children moved out of the cities to the country, young men signing up for war, women at home taking on nursing or making blankets or whatever, blackout curtains being installed, rationing beginning to hit. A totally different feel, I would expect, than what it was like here. And through it all a very stiff upper lip, done in the best British way.

Not one of her best--she has too many characters in this one all milling about to give them really enough time--but a very good read if you're a Thirkell fan. Now I have to hunt down another in the series; I've finished all of mine.



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