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The afghan that I'm crocheting now is made of cotton yarn. Cool colored cotton yarn, but cotton none the less. I hate crocheting with cotton!!!! There is no "give" in the yarn, and it makes my hands tired to work it. If I crochet for long, my palm of my left hand (which holds the yarn for me to hook into) gets achy. So I can't see the end of this afghan soon enough!

So, I decided to treat myself to some cool new yarn to give me an incentive to push through this afghan and start the next. And here's the cool new yarn I found at JoAnn's:


It's called Baby Bubbles. You can't see so well from the picture, but it is standard baby yarn for a base with largish tufts or tabs of different colors sticking out of it. Because of the tufts, you have to use a much larger hook than you would expect--at least an I hook, which I thought was crazy 'til I did a test sample.

I think I'll just do a baby granny, but all one color. This yarn makes it hard to count stitches, so the easier the pattern the better, I think. Don't know, I'll just have to try and see.


Bernat makes the coolest yarns! I made a couple of scarves last winter with their Boa yarn, and they were great. The only downside is that the yarn - the Boa, at least - tangles like mad, so I had to start unraveling each ball immediately and wrapping it around a paper towel tube. Once I figured that out, I loved working with it!

I was knitting, though, not crocheting.

that looks cool, i need to pop into joannes again soon. i went in friday but only to buy some ribbon for something. I LOVE knitting with cotton, i seem to be in the minority for that though most people say what you say. i'm weird.

Dang! That yarn looks sweet!

Just be careful....twisty yarn like that is hard to undo (frog)...



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